Facilitated Visioning

Collaboration and organizaitonal buy-in is an essential ingredient in moving any plan forward.

Done in a series of steps so as to maximize the value of the process.

  • Establish a core steering committee to define the going-in mission and overall objectives and participants in the visioning process.
  • Convene the larger Visioning Committee
    • I prefer using the consensus model in running a Visioning process since it empowers all members to express their point of view and for the group to ultimately buy-in to the output of the committee.
    • Put parameters around the visioning process so as to both bring in the "shoot for the moon" while at the same time keeping one's feet on the ground. This by the way is no easy task and requires expert facilitation so as to maximze the value of the output.
    • The Visioning Committee should have the results of the gathered information before the first meeting.
  • Using the consensus model and a "structured" brainstorming approach formulate:
    • Identify what is known
    • Vision Committee's Mission
    • Expected/Needed Outcome(s)
    • Define the specific areas to be "visioned"
  • Dive into the process keeping careful notes via easel "wallpaper"
  • Produce a report of the output with clearly stated next steps: what, who and when