Team Building

In building a team the conventional wisdom calls for breaking-down silos that appear to separate vital members of the potential team. Instead I believe the process is Silo Validation.

This idea was expressed by Mahatma Ganhdi  as follows…

"I am what I am because of who we all are."

The Archbishop Desmund Tutu expanded this idea and gave it a bantu name, ubuntu.

ubuntu team work calls upon each member of the team to be who s/he is and be mindful of the fact that the effort they are all in requires everyone's involvement and participation.

This is the foundation of my approach to building teams.

Upon thi foundation I believe that knowing how to work as a team takes practice. Think about the hours of practice that top-shelf NBA teams do before they walk on the court for a game.

As such I approach team buiilding education through the integration of active experientially based exercises using metaphorical connections that:

  • Define the essence of effective team players
  • Has participants learning team building by doing team building
  • Leverage the learning by giving participants tools that can be integrated into their organizations’ cultures

Follow the links below for examples of team building exercises that I use.

Team Building Exercises