Team Building Exercises
Here are 2
  • The Missing Circle
    • Material/Props: Ropes cut into different lengths with ends joined in a knot so that there are a range of rope loops of varying sizes
    • Activity: Get group to define each loop as a "circle". "If the loops were opened up to the maximum what shape would they be?" Put loops/circles on the floor. "When I count to 3 everyone needs to get into a circle. 100% of the participants need to be in a circle. No part of a participant can be outside a circle." Count to 3 and participants rush into a "circle. Then facilitator counts to 3 and tells everyone to get out of their circle. A "circle" is then removed and the group again is told to get into a circle. This is repeated until...?
    • Debrief: What does it mean to be part of a "circle"? What does it mean when your "circle" is gone? What are the missing circles  in your organization?
  • Sorting out the Balls
    • Material/Props: About 30 color coded hacky sacks for each color coded bucket. For a group of ~12 - 20 you will need 4 buckets that are large enough to contain the 30 balls (5 gal plastic paint cans work). Proportionally more buckets & balls with larger groups. A clearly defined "out-of-bounds" that will surround the randomly dispersed balls placed on the floor.
      • Activity: Group separated randomly into 4 groups (corresponding to the 4 color coded buckets). Each group is told to make up a cheer based on a team value and the color of their "team". Meanwhile the facilitator gets the balls dispersed on the floor and the "out-of-bounds" is set (I use a large rope for this purpose). Once all is set up the "teams" go through their cheers. The participants are told they can enter the "play space" and walk around but cannot touch a ball until they are immobile. Then they can touch a ball. The objective is for each ball to wind up in the right color bucket. The team with the most balls in their team's color bucket wins. Once immobile, the participant cannot move until the conclusion of the activity.
      • Debrief: What do these hacky sack balls represent in your organization? How can we as an  entire group get all the balls into their respective buckets without fail in the fastest time possible?

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