Capacity Building Tools


At the core of the objectiveQUEST Capacity Building process is the concept of Social Marketing. For a not-for-profit it is essential that at every step of the way we get "buy-in" from the range of publics that interface with the organization. As a result, from beginning to implementation we grow the circle of those who are involved in the process. Initially, it's the planning group and expands to the Board, the staff, stakeholders, customers/clients and the broader community.

We draw on the following tools to actualize this process…

  • Gathering Needed Internal and External Information

    • Internal data: history, financials, client/customer information

    • External data: surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, socio-economic information

  • Facilitated Visioning

    • Core stakeholders: management, Board examining where the organizations is and where is can/should be going

  • Team Building

    • Using Experiential initiatives/games that metaphorically simulate the ogranizational situation leading to in-depth debriefing to capture tangible and viseral learning

  • Building the Strategic Plan

    • Putting all the information/learning together to forumlate a clear strategic plan that is a clear expression of the organization's Aspirations and Culture

  • Developing the Implementation Tools

    • With the roadmap formally stated in the Strategic Plan we then move onto the Implementation steps to actualize the goals and objectives